Spanish for Genius, Genio represents our ongoing journey to apply extraordinary capacity toward the creation of positive outcomes. Genius ofttimes misused or misunderstood is not simply extraordinary capacity or abilities but the application of those abilities towards the act of creating.

Server Administration

Reap the benefits of centralized and sharable files—so you’re not losing files or running around looking for critical files when someone is out of the office, and you can share those files across Mac and Windows platforms, so your staff has access to the latest information without having to search and send files across a network. The Genio Information Technology Group has considerable expertise with heterogeneous environments creating single-sign-on solutions.

Apple Integration

Our specialty is integrating Apple systems and solutions into existing corporate networks. Pockets of Apples exist in nearly every Fortune 100 company, but the internal IT department often lacks the knowledge or experience to properly manage and maintain these systems. The Genio Group has extensive experience working with corporate IT to address the unique challenges and needs of Macintosh workgroups.

Customized Service


We can help you get the most out of your existing technology, plan for the future and invest in new technology. We can steer you away from flashy distractions that cost more than they’re worth and develop a plan that offers a clear return on your technology investments. We never recommend any technology until we understand your business, your budget and your priorities. The Genio Information Technology Group is committed to providing the services and products necessary to assist our clients in all their computer and technology needs.

"It is hard to find I.T. people with the patience that is needed to help small start up companies grow. They are like having a team member on staff and have always assisted us every step of the way during our start up year.” - Bettie Jones, VP - One Jones Group"