Shopify Website Development Services

Avoid DIY and entrust your Shopify store setup to professionals. Collaborate with The Genio Group and receive top-notch Shopify store setup service to gain a competitive advantage.

Store Setup

Our ream has extensive expertise in Shopify and comprehends the requirements of your business to establish an e-commerce store that seamlessly matches your goals. From product to payments, your store will be functional in no-time.

Store Design and Development

Our Shopify Web Development Service utilized a skilled team of UI/UX designers and Shopify certified developers to create responsive and interactive themes that are user friendly for your e-commerce store.

Website Migrations

We can assist you in the transition to Shopify from platforms such as Magento or WooCommerce by ensuring the smooth migration of your data, functions, and SEO.

SEO Audit & Optimization

Our Shopify SEO optimization service will help you shine in the spotlight, standout from the crowd, and continuously attract a stream of customers.

Speed Audit & Optimization

We can make your website faster on every device and give customers a customized shopping experience. Let's improve the image of your brand with customers.

General Maintenance

Already have a website created and designed for your business? Our services can assist you in the enhancing performance and optimizing the efficiency of your website.


Engaging a Shopify development firm offers a pathway to expertly crafted web solutions, a user-focused approach, expandable options, and a host of other benefits. In addition, you are provided with both pre- and post-development technical assistance as well as 24/5 accessibility to help address any concerns that may arise.

The Genio Group offers all the below services for Shopify :

  • Complete Shopify website setup service
  • Customized themes-UI design service
  • Apps development, API integration service
  • SEO, Speed and Conversion Audit & optimization service
  • Website waintenance service

Basic Shopify websites can be developed at an affordable price range of $500 to $2000, however, these websites may not include any personalized features or incorporations.

The costs can escalate as your needs for customizations, integrations, and complex requirements increase. The cost may exceed $50,000, depending on the features, degree of personalization, and time constraints you demand. It should be taken into consideration that seasoned developers are likely to demand a higher fee than freelance developers, although they will complete your website in less time and with fewer complications because of their expertise.

It typically takes approximately 1 month for The Genio Group to construct an online store. Thanks to the availability of ready-made templates and layouts, the ultimate objective is poised to be accomplished in a timely fashion. Nevertheless, each project possesses unique characteristics, and tailoring the solution necessitates adjusting the schedules to suit the specific demands of the project at hand.

Our team of Shopify professionals have the ability to develop any desired functionalities for your Shopify online shops, as long as they can be executed within technical feasibility.

We can conduct a comprehensive analysis of your website to identify any issues, and then focus on enhancing it to ensure that it works optimally according to your expectations.